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Think Pink Brunch

Big Hats & Bowties

Pink Ribbon Travel is on a mission within the community to host its first Inaugural “Think Pink Brunch” Fundraiser on June 27, 2020. This mix and mingle event will bring awareness to the community of how breast cancer not only affects one physically but also mentally. With this fundraiser, Pink Ribbon Travel anticipates helping breast cancer survivors, caregivers, and those support and medical providers with a means of celebrating the hard-fought victories of beating this horrible disease. Plus, we’ll also be donating to breast cancer non-profit organizations within the local community! The ultimate goal is to afford survivors the means to celebrate life and create new memories by way of travel. Random survivors will be chosen and sent on an all-expenses-paid journey to relax, refresh and renew at the “The Pink & Strong Retreat”. We at Pink Ribbon Travel endeavor to provide a reprieve from this devastating disease and hopefully see a world free of breast cancer in our lifetime.

Event Sponsors

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SisterHermana Foundation




In October of 2012, Veronica Glover, was fortunate to detect her stage II breast cancer symptoms early; in part, due to the WTLV-12 news anchor Jeannie Blaylock’s BUDDY Check 12 program, and a very painful accidental kick to the breast by her granddaughter, Maliyah that drew attention to the mass.


Her one-year road to recovery was paved with the responsibility of caring for her sick grandfather, hospital stays, school, loss of employment and financial hardships. On top of this the unexpected home repairs just kept coming, while her husband waited for a job assignment through the IBEW Union in Beaumont Texas. At times the chaos of it all was simply overwhelming and depressing. As someone who has always tried to be positive, she felt helpless and alone.


However, one Sunday while listening to an inspiring sermon preached by, Bishop Rudolph McKissick. Sr. entitled “It’s a part of the process”, referencing the Romans 8:28 scripture “all things work together for good to those who love the Lord.” She decided not to give in to negative thoughts and turn her test into a testimony.


Veronica, actively distributed Buddy Check 12 kits to her co-workers, friends and the community. She encouraged other women, who reached out to her after being diagnosed. Like so many others she passionately celebrated survivorship by wearing buttons, arm bracelet, t-shirts, and walking in breast cancer events.


Then the specter of cancer existed made a dramatic reappearance in Veronica’s life in April 2014 when her husband, Horace Nathaniel Glover Sr. was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. In his hospital room she replayed the reels of their life over and over again to see if she saw signs that indicated he was sick, her answer was no.  At least none she recognized.  Had she somehow missed a 31-day colon cancer awareness campaign to inform the people of signs and symptoms? Again, the answer was no.


Unfortunately, on October 6, 2014, she held the man whom she shared a life for 27 years as he took his last breath at the age of 49.  Like so many others, Veronica's husband lost his life to a form of cancer, that if detected early is preventable. 


Divested by guilt and grief, she knew she had to do something with this heart wrenching experience and the invaluable lessons she learned “on the road to recovery” and with the death of her husband. Cancer taught her that the fight to survive is extensive and expensive; the scope of cancer extends beyond the breast; and often we lose those we love to the disease.


Veronica Glover, made a commitment that SisterHermana would fight for those with cancer on the other side of research, creating a framework for an organization that is dedicated to supporting the cancer community by providing services that are culturally transcendent, family driven, and youth inclusive.

Mission: To serve adults in treatment for cancer with empathy and compassion by directing our efforts towards reducing the emotional and financial burden of cancer recovery on the family, so the adult with cancer can focus on healing.

Buddy Check 12



After her best friend died of breast cancer at age 29, reporter Jeannie Blalock of WTLV-TV, Jacksonville, Florida, began Buddy Check 12 to encourage women in the station’s viewing area to do monthly self-examinations. Through personal stories of both tragedy and triumph, Buddy Check 12 has helped women overcome the fears associated with breast cancer. By fighting the illogical rationalization that by ignoring self-exams cancer will not occur, this unprecedented effort has saved the lives of hundreds of women in the Jacksonville area. The campaign now extends its reach beyond Jacksonville and Florida. To date, the program has been adopted by nearly 50 other television stations in the United States and can be seen in the Philippines, Sweden, and Guam as well. In addition, this model public service campaign has been expanded to include the cancers that strike men. For creating a life-saving project that is fighting fear and spreading hope, a Peabody to Jeannie Blaylock and the rest of the team at WTLV-TV, Gannett Broadcasting in Jacksonville for Buddy Check 12.

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In The Pink Boutique




In the Pink is a non-profit boutique dedicated to helping women, men and children heal, cope and survive the effects of cancer…physically and emotionally.


In the Pink will provide an extensive selection of apparel, products, services, and resources for women healing from cancer. We will focus on providing a warm, caring atmosphere in which women benefit from a “one-stop” shop, surrounded by individuals who understand their needs.

Provide emotional and spiritual support: Team In the Pink will share camaraderie, friendship and counsel through various non-clinical activities such as cancer-related education, yoga, meditation and healing activities designed to enhance the journey through cancer.


Guidance: Team in the Pink will assist clients in managing the interactions between medical providers, prescription requirements, insurance providers (filing claims), and DME providers (sizing, ordering and exchanging products).

Durable Medical Equipment (DME): In the Pink provides a spectrum of cancer-related DME items and professional fitting services, which includes breast prosthesis, mastectomy bras, post-surgical garments, cranial prosthesis (wigs) and lymphedema garments.


Financial Assistance: In the Pink provides assistance to financially challenged clients to facilitate their acquisition of necessary mastectomy items, cranial prostheses, and lymphedema products.

General Cancer Awareness: In the Pink provides a myriad of uplifting cancer awareness products to allow everyone involved in the journey to demonstrate their understanding, love and support for those involved in the cancer journey.

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